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Useful Tips

When you think of Cell Site Battery Service, Think of Teknow Services!

On this page we will provide some tips that can improve the performance of your battery.. 
Check back soon for more tips.

Longevity Issues

Battery systems in extreme heat or extreme cold will experience shorter life expectancy.



When you purchase new batteries, dont store them too long.  Remember it is important that they be installed immediately.  Most batteries require recharging if they are off float for more than 6 months.  Teknow Services can take care of this for you.  This will ensure you get the most life from your new batteries.


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Public Concerns

Investigations into the aftermath of Katrina have raised concerns that there should be a minimum of 8 hours backup in the event of commercial power failure.  Some sites have this and some do not.  Teknow Services can perform power audits on all of your sites to determine your compliance.
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